Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel is:

Scott Burland:  Theremin
Frank Schultz:  Lap Steel guitar


"The name of this Atlanta duo implies a proper classical recital, a rigid formality. But Scott Burland (theremin) and Frank Schultz (lap steel) don't do scripted, improvising not so much distinct sounds as evolving eddies of sound, vapors of tones that develop and transform gracefully. Hypnotic pulses and dreamy drones weave together to form a kaleidoscope of sounds and moods, ambient clouds and swooning collages that are as much about texture as they are timbre, like a long-lost soundtrack to a deep-sea documentary." -P. Wall, Columbia Free Times

Excerpt from a review of "10"in The Pulse (Chattanooga, TN):

"It’s an absorbing album, impeccably sequenced without a misstep for its hour-long duration; with its two non-fixed-pitch instruments, treated with effects, it’s the perfect fall weather soundtrack, conveying warmth but with a frosty, crystalline purity and ambiguous moods, hovering in a grey space that’s haunted, melancholic and hopeful."

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