"...the shared patience, the way you listen to each other, the climate of purposeful resonance in which relatively small gestures come to read as heartbreaking melodic twists and turns..." Carlo Rotella


"Holy fuck! That was the best concert I've seen in three years!", Harris, audience member in Louisville, KY at Flamingo Lounge, with Dane Waters (solo and collaboration) 2021


"They play through layers of effects and post-processing, closely matching each other not just timbrally,

but in movement and form as well, to the point where it can sound like a complex generative patch in a

synthesizer rather than two disparate instruments being played by live human beings. A live video reveals

why they don’t try to skip the middleman and go full Autechre with a copy of Max/MSP: the instruments

they have chosen allow them to improvise with graceful, gestural movements, allowing them to embody

and control their music in stunningly subtle ways. On record this relationship between instrument and

performer, which seems so key to their entire artistic project, is almost completely illegible. Instead we are

left with sound so pure and uninflected it can appear empty at first glance. It’s really excellent ambient

music that sounds like it could have come out anytime in the last few decades—no mean feat for a genre

that's so closely bound up with advances in musical technology." —Samuel McLemore/Tone Glow

"It occurred to me, listening to their work, that it represented a “Guide to Good Drone Music”:

– It changes;
– It isn’t pushy, but it pulls you along;
– It isn’t showy, but it shows you things;
– It surprises;
– The edges meet but don’t crowd the middle;
– It creates mental and temporal space for the listener.

Atlanta is really lucky to have this duo, and that they continue,

year-after-year, to plumb their craft." - Jon Ciliberto

"Undulating soundscapes rise and fall, reaching slowly swelling crescendos of sensory overload, drifting in a balance of beauty and tension. Their shared instincts create an invisible structure that transcends more traditional drone music to achieve its own rhythm and tonal logic." - Chad Radford

"Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel dream up clouds, aurora, sunspots, storm-fronts. They make weather

overhead. Listening to compositions like these - music these musicians made up, in studio, somewhere far

away - I am struck by what a gift they have. Not just that they can make weather, summon it from nothing,

but that they can bottle it - like springwater, or earth. Sending spring or summer up from Georgia,

to where we shiver in the cold.' Sean Michaels, Said the Gramophone

"These sounds are the product of two minds sharing a single headspace and letting the music drive...
Here, they collide with the cerebellum in a graceful, slow-motion crash." Creative Loafing Atlanta


"Sometimes challenging, often beautiful..."  Electronic Musician Magazine

"DfTaLS is such a great concept and here it's executed lovingly and smartly by Scott Burland

and Frank Schultz." Detroit Metro Times

"The CD is the sound of two untethered astronauts with a strange and elegant sonic choreography.
...some of the most wonderfully abstract music I’ve heard this year." Chattanooga Pulse

"Duet for Theremin & Lap Steel weaves the sounds of these unlikely instruments into one sometimes

pretty, sometimes scary, always captivating dronescape."  Creative Loafing Atlanta 

"...subtle yet powerful...challenging and enjoyable..." Avant Music News

"The music on this cd is a mesmerizing, smooth sound that will fuck you up in any possible way you

would want to be. Both eerily beautiful and cinematic."    EXP/AM Review

"Waves of ambiance and dreamy drones weave into one another to form a spectral web of sound.
The music is experimental by design, but easy on the ears..."   Creative Loafing Atlanta

“…I LOVE this music!!”  Rhys Chatham 

"...deeply moving and highly inventive"  Glenn Phillips

"A class act..."  Chris Stack, Former Marketing Manager, Moog Music, Inc.

“…like smokestack lightning  rolling through the sub-conscious…” Dave Keifer 

"(Duet) performs the score to the endless film produced by the collective unconscious." Bill Taft


"...a great example of contemporary sound art."  Thomas Gaudynski

"A jem like this is why I subscribe (to emusic); An awesome wash of ambient texture & sound, this is

a treat to listen to." Dillholio, on emusic

"Wild, thrilling music!  The duet is seamless as if the two instruments were just meant to be together

& the playing is great.  Gorgeous textures and rhythms." barryp3uk, on emusic

“There was a sense that you two were up on stage, visibly slowing down time and very deliberately 

and gracefully allowing the timbres to emerge and evolve – 
Bravo! “   Joey Bargsten 

“This music has wider appeal than you may realize!”  Howard Wershil